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Workshop One: Diversity Inclusion Masterclass - The Art of Creating Disruptive Shifts and Crafting Inclusive Cultures

The workshop provides an opportunity to explore creative and cutting edge strategies, processes and tools in fostering racial, gender, disability and generational inclusion.

Day 1: 20 November 2019
Theme: From Diversity to Inclusion - Then Art of Creating Disruptive Shifts
07h30-08h30 Registration/Tea and coffee


  • Orientation and grounding of the workshop
  • Deconstructing the diversity phenomenon and reconstructing our understanding of inclusion
  • Grasping diversity management’s evolutionary tract: From Diversity to Inclusion and Beyond
10h00-10h30 Tea and coffee


  • Grounding philosophy and key principles in journeying towards inclusion
  • EEDT change versus transformation
  • The art of creating disruptive change on organisational, team and individual levels
12h00-12h40 Lunch


  • The art of shifting heads and hearts
    • The head, hand and heart trifecta
    • On stereotypes, prejudice, unconscious bias and the art of compassionate dislodgement
    • Team and organisational shifts
    • Diversity Intelligence = organisational conditions x adaptive capacity/ level of consciousness
15h00-15h15 Tea and coffee


  • Diversity management through the lenses of Spiral Dynamics
  • An integral perspective on diversity inclusion

Day 2: 21 November 2019

Theme: Operationalising Inclusion - Crafting Sustainable Shifts


  • An integrated and multi-dimensional approach to sustainable inclusion
  • Inclusive leadership: Starting inclusion from the top down
  • Conversations on race: The South African Challenge
10h00-10h30 Tea and coffee


  • From Gender Equity to Inclusion: Reauthoring Gender Narratives
  • The challenge of LGBTQ inclusion
  • The multi-dimensional nature and challenge of creating disability friendly and inclusive environments
12h00-12h40 Lunch


  • Fledging together the multi-generational workforce
  • Utilising cognitive and values diversity as functional differences within the workplace
  • Back to basics: Class and socio-economic differences
15h00-15h15 Tea and coffee


  • Reflection on creating disruptive change and crafting inclusive cultures
  • Integration and closure

Workshop One: Align your EEDT to the SABPP Employment Equity Diversity and Inclusion Standard

Workshop Three: Ensuring full EE Plan Practical Compliance and EE Sustainability